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We have many different sessions and groups running through out the week for the various disciplines of gymnastics and also for varying ages and abilities.

The disciplines of gymnastics that we cover include:

General Gymnastics - This is a good introduction to the sport and incorporates all the disciplines including Artistic, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Rythmic, Trampolining, Dance and Displays.

Artisitic Gymnastics - This is probably the best known discipline of gymnastics, as this is the discipline featured in the Olympic Games, incorporating apparatus such as floor, beam, vault and bars. To succeed in this discipline requires a huge variation of skills on all the pieces of equipment and places great demands on the gymnast both physically and mentally.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a huge discipline and includes work for mixed pairs, mens pairs, womens pairs, womens groups and mens groups. All these disciplines include balances, tumbling, choreography and dynamic elements. This requires a great deal of strength, speed, flexiblity, stamina and above all teamwork.

Tumbling - The discipline of Tumbling consists of a performing a sequence of moves down a straight sprung track. To perform these sequences, or "runs", requires a great deal of strength, coordination, stamina and agility, especially at an elite level.

Trampolining - This involves the use of a large sprung trampoline and requires the gymnats to perform a routine of linked moves. This discipline needs high levels of coordination and agility.

To find out what sessions are available then please contact the club on 01332 200011

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